Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Card: बिना डेबिट या क्रेडिट कार्ड के निकालें ATM से कैश

Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Card: Suppose you are visiting any place or you are in an emergency. Suddenly you need cash for any reason, but you forget to keep your ATM/Debit/Credit card. Now how will you get the money? Now there can be 2 situations in you:

  • Either you will borrow money from your friend
  • Or you will ask any shopkeeper for help. You will UPI him some amount and in reverse, he will give you some cash. But it might be possible that the shopkeeper will deduct some amount.

But now you have a third option also, you can get instant cash from the ATM. But if you want to know, how you can Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Card, then you have to read the complete article.

In this article, we will tell you, how you can withdraw money without an ATM card. Nowadays, due to online transactions, the need for people to keep ATM cards has reduced, but the need for cash remains in many places. In this emergency, you can Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Card through the complete information given in this article.

Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Card 2024

Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Card: The Reserve Bank of India has expanded the scope of the facility to withdraw money without a debit card or ATM card. Only a few banks have implemented this Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Card facility so far. There was a time when a debit card was required to withdraw money from an ATM (withdrawal of money without an ATM card). But now this has become an old thing. If you are still withdrawing money in the same old way then you should also upgrade it. Many banks had long ago started the option of withdrawing money without a card (cardless cash withdrawal)

Now you can easily withdraw cash even without a card, you just have to download the UPI app on your mobile phone. By using these applications, you can withdraw cash from ATMs as you get the option to withdraw cash by scanning the QR code from these applications. To withdraw cash without a card you have this possibility by following a few simple steps. For more information about this follow the information given below. You can withdraw as much cash as you want.

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What is cardless ATM withdrawal?

Withdrawal of cash from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) without any debit or credit card is a safe and convenient way. Today we will tell you how the process of cardless cash withdrawal from the country’s largest banks SBI and PNB can be done step by step.

Withdrawal of cash from ATMs has now become even easier. The ATM cash withdrawal system has been upgraded to Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW). This system helps users to withdraw cash from ATMs using the UPI app rather than requiring a debit or credit card.

How to take withdrawals without an ATM card?

If you are a bank holder and do not have an ATM card and want to withdraw money, then you do not need to worry. The complete process of “Withdraw cash without a card” is explained here step by step. By following these steps, you can easily withdraw money even without an ATM card.

  • First of all, visit the nearest ATM of your location
  • Now once you reach the ATM you have to select the option of UPI cardless cash/QR cash
  • Next, you will be displayed the option to enter the amount, where you have to enter the amount, you want to withdraw.
  • After this, as soon as you enter the amount, a QR code will appear on your screen.
  • Next, you need to scan this QR code using any UPI application available on your phone with which you perform daily online transactions.
  • Then after this, you will have to enter your UPI PIN in the ATM.
  • Once you will complete all the above processes. The ATM will withdraw the cash for you.
  • All the withdrawn amount will be deducted from your savings account. In other words, you can understand that this process is as similar as you pay money to any shopkeeper by using your UPI application 
  • Through this easy process, money can be withdrawn even without an ATM card.

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How much money you can withdraw in a day?

Every bank has its own rules and regulations, which is why we can’t provide you with the extracted data of ATM cash withdrawal limit. But as per the State Bank of India rules, the State Bank of India provides a cash withdrawal limit of 20 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees.

If you want to check the cash withdrawal limit of your bank account, you can contact your bank account. You can call their customer service to know the cash withdrawal limit.