DA Arrear Payment MAY 2024: आज 18 महीने के डीए एरियर पर आई Good News, केंद्रीय कर्मचारी होंगे मालामाल

DA Arrear Payment MAY 2024: The central government is planning to send the 7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Payment to the bank account of the Government employees which is to be paid by the government for many months. So, if you are also a government employee then it is very good news that the new year will come to you the additional amount which will be included in your salary. We are covering the latest updates from the central government on the 7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Payment News 2024 of employees which is to be paid by the government next month.

Government employees who are working with the Central Government are demanding that the government send their DA arrear amount to the bank account for many months. There are approximately 18 months of Arrears left on the Central Government for their employees. During the Pandemic of the novel Coronavirus in the years 2020 and 2021, the central government had not increased the DA of their employees.

DA Arrear Payment MAY 2024

So, from 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2021, approximately 18 months of arrears of DA are left on the central government. However, the government has increased the DA of the employees after the pandemic but has not provided the arrear amount yet. The government of India has not officially announced to provide the rest of the arrears amount to Employees on any official website, but many news reports claim under the DA Arrear Payment MAY 2024 that the government can send arrears of the employees in January 2024. 

DA Arrear Payment MAY 2024
DA Arrear Payment MAY 2024

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7th Pay Commission 2024 Update: 2 Good News for Govt Employees, Big Hike in Salary in January 2024!

18 Months DA Arrear News 2024 [2 lakh Rupees additional in salary]

According to the DA Arrear Payment MAY 2024, officer-rank employees can receive more than 2 lakh Rupees arrears in their salary for the last 18 months of COVID-19. The amount will be provided according to the salary scale of the government employee which is decided by the 7th pay commission. The maximum salary in the 7th pay commission is 2.5 lakh per month which is provided to the higher administrative officers such as the secretary of Ministries etc.

However, the maximum amount can be more than 2 lakh Rupees according to the salary of the employee for arrears. There are more than 1 crore employees who are demanding to receive pending arrears. If the government allows them the pending amount of arrears, then they have to spend a large number of budgets on employees. 

DA hike from January 2024

The central government recently increased the DA of the Central employees in October and provided 46% DA to the Central Government employees. However, according to the provisions of the 7th pay commission, the Government has to maintain regular increments in DA two times a year. Employees should receive the new DA increment in their salary in January 2024. DA is increased for January to June month and July to December month in each year.

Recently increased DA was announced in October month of 2023 which Should increase in July 2023. However Central Government employees are waiting from the government to increase the new DA for January 2024.

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New increment in DA 2024

If the government increases the DA rates, then it will reach up to 50% of salary. However, the government has not made any statement about a new increment in DA. But by following last year’s pattern, new DA can be increased before Holi 2024. It should also be noted that the 7th pay commission has stated that if DA reaches up to half of the salary, then it should be received, which means the government has to prepare a new pay commission or 8th pay commission to revise the rates of DA. 

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