DA Hike May 2024: हुआ महंगाई भत्ता रिवाइज, जानें पूरी जानकारी, पता करें कौन सा बदलाव होगा ?

7th Pay Commission DA Hike May 2024: Dearness allowance is a very important allowance for Central Government employees as it is increased by the central Government two times in a year. Currently, employees are receiving 50% DA in their salary where other allowances are also included and it is making a good package for Central Government employees. As July month is very soon and the government has to update da of the employees from July month, you can check this article “DA Hike May 2024” to get the updated information on the Central Government DA Hike May 2024. We will also share with you a calculation of dearness allowance and you can use it to calculate your net salary after increased da. 

7th pay commission dearness allowance was recently increased by the central government in middle of march month 2024. However Government delayed the hike in da which was expected to announce in January month, but employees have received the complete arrears which was pending from the January month along with their new salary with dearness allowance. Dearness allowances provided to the employees to overcome effect of inflation in their life.

Apart from this other allowances such as house and rent allowance, medical allowance, travel announce, children education allowances, hostel subsidy for children etc are also provided by the government but dearness allowance most affect on the salary of the employee. All the allowances are calculated on the basic salary of the employees. So now, employees are getting 50% of their basic salary as DA and getting other facilities also. But now we will again hear the big announcement (DA Hike May 2024) from the central government for their salary. 

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7th Pay Commission Salary Structure May 2024

Dearness Allowance (DA) is a part of the salary for government employees in India. It’s like extra money given to them because the cost of living keeps going up due to inflation. DA is calculated as a percentage of their basic salary, which is a fixed part of their pay. The government changes this percentage every six months, in January and July, based on how much prices have gone up.

It’s applied to all government workers’ basic salaries. DA also affects things like house rent and travel allowances. When DA changes, employees get extra money for the time between the new rates starting and the DA Hike May 2024 announcement. It also affects retired employees’ pensions. So, it’s important for both current and former government workers.

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DA Hike May 2024: हुआ महंगाई भत्ता रिवाइज, जानें पूरी जानकारी

If we look at the previous year’s DA Hike patterns of the Central Government then we can easily find out that the inflation in India is increasing at the rate of 4% monthly. The dearness allowance is calculated according to the all-India CPI index. How much it increases, the allowance will also increase accordingly. Most of the employees are expecting to get 4% more dearness allowance in July month. However after that it will be increased by up to 54%. But there are multiple factors which are going to change after reaching out the 50% of da. So there will be 7th Pay Commission Salary new structure and payment for employees under dearness allowance.

It is assumed that government will follow providence of 7th pay commission and revise the the basic pay structure of the employees again after 10 years and will start dearness allowance from the 0%. There are also possibility of preparing 8th Pay commission to revise the new structure of the salary. But there is no any official announcement from any authority or officials regarding to this. So we have to depend on the next announcement of Central Government of increment in da for the Government employees and pensioners. 

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Next DA Increment Date 2024

The government is delaying to increase the allowance of the employees but it is delayed due to the late reports of all India CPI index. Provides CPI index of a month in the upcoming month. For example if we have to watch the CPI index of July month of 2024 then it will be released in the end of August month. After that officers will discuss multiple factors of increment in DA and will finally announce the hike in da in September month. 


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