DA Increment May 2024 [54%] Date & Time: महंगाई भत्ते में बम्पर बढ़ोतरी, चेक करें डेटा

DA Increment May 2024 [54%] Date & Time: The 7th pay commission dearness allowance is going to increase in the upcoming month for all the Central Government employees. Employees have recently received 50% DA from the last two months with their basic salary and other allowances including house and rent allowances, medical allowance, travel allowance, etc. Now they will again see a hike in da 2024 in the upcoming month. In this article, we will share the latest update on DA Increment May 2024.

So if you are also a government employee and waiting to receive an increased DA then you should check this article where we will share with you all the information of the new announcement of DA Increment May 2024, including the new payment, eligible beneficiaries, maximum dearness allowance etc.

DA Increment May 2024: महंगाई भत्ते में बम्पर बढ़ोतरी [54%]

The 7th Pay Commission was implemented in 2016 by the central government. After this, all the Government employees have received increased payments and are receiving continuously a good payments from the central government. The 7th Pay commission has mandated to hike DA twice a year. Employees are receiving an increase da from the start of January month and the start of July month in each year.

The January month dearness allowance of 2024 was increased in April by 50%. Now the next DA will be provided after July 2024. But there is a twist for employees as the 7th pay commission is not promising to employees to provide more than 50% DA. So what will be the next step of the center Government toward their employees? 

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54% DA in July 2024?

Central government has increased da of the employees by 4% in the last few years. They were receiving 38% in 2022, 42% and 46% in 2023, and now receiving 50% in 2024 first half. However, it is not bound for the government to follow the same pattern to increase the DA of the employees as it is prepared according to the all-India CPI index. How much the index increases, dearness allowance will automatically increase.

Show the next July month da will be based on the all India CPI index of July month which will be released at the end of August and there are high chances to release the notification of increment in Da in September month. However, the 7th pay commission has limited the increment in Da to a maximum of 50% for the employees. Now employees are receiving an extra half salary of their basic payment as DA and other allowances are also provided, so there are quite difficult to make any decision on an increment in Da in July. 

DA Increment in July 2024

If we discuss the provisions in the 6th pay commission, then there were no limitations of increment in da so till now few departments are still providing up to 221% da to their employees in the 6th pay commission. But the 7th pay commission has revised this formula and limited the DA to 50%. It is said in the documents of the 7th pay commission that whenever the dearness allowance of the employees reaches up to 50% of the basic pay, then da will be revised from zero again.

However, it will not reduce the salary of the employees. Because the basic salary and 50% DA of the employees will be converted as new basic pay of the employees. It means, the net salary including basic pay and DA allowance will be upgraded as basic salary and other allowances will be provided according to the new basic pay.

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For example, if an employee is receiving an 18000 basic salary then da of the salary will be 50% of the basic salary of 9000 rupees. So once the government upgrades the basic salary then it will become 27000 rupees basic pay and other allowances will be calculated on the new amount of salary. However, employees should wait for the official notification from the authorities as government officers and departments have not made any statement on upgrading the salary of the employees. Once the Lok Sabha election 2024 result is declared, it will be easy for the government to make new amendments and notifications for the employees.


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