HDFC Bank RD Scheme: मंथली RD करने में मिलता है कितना रिटर्न, जानें HDFC RD Interest Rate 2024

HDFC Bank RD Scheme: HDFC Bank is providing a special RD scheme for their customers who want to invest in future savings schemes. It is a beneficial scheme for those who want to invest monthly for their future and want to get good interest rates on their investments. Today we are discussing with you the HDFC bank recurring deposit scheme in this article where we will discuss with use of the latest HDFC Bank RD Scheme interest rates for normal citizens and senior citizens. After that, you can invest in the scheme accordingly.

There are multiple deposit schemes in banks including fixed deposit- FD,  recurring deposit- RD. The fixed deposit is used by customers who want to deposit their premium amount at the time of starting the scheme. However many customers in banks are not eligible to invest the whole amount at one time in FD, so these customers can invest in the RD scheme where they have to select a specific premium and will get the opportunity to pay the premium every month. However, customers will get interest rates on their savings according to the bank’s latest plan. 

Interest rates of the HDFC Bank RD Scheme 2024

Currently, HDFC Bank is providing 7% annual interest on the deposits in the RD scheme in HDFC Bank to their customers. However, the bank is providing special relief for senior citizens as they can get a maximum of 7.5% annual interest rates. The bank will calculate interest rates yearly but it will be paid after completing the maturity of the scheme. 

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Investment in HDFC RD Scheme 

The bank is inviting its middle-class and elite-class customers to invest him the RD scheme. You can start investment with Rs 1000 per month however the maximum investment can be done at 1.99 crore rupees per month. Individuals can increase their Investments in the multiples of 100. After that, you will receive your complete amount after completing the maturity with additional interest rates which you will gain on your principal amount. 

The maturity period of the HDFC RD scheme 

If you are interested in investing in the RD scheme of HDFC then you can invest for a minimum of 6 months. After that, you can increase the months in the multiple of 3. However, the bank is providing a maximum 120-month RD scheme in HDFC which is approximately a total of 10 years. As long you invest in the scheme you will get higher interest rates as the bank will calculate the interest by following the compound interest rates formula. 

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Invest 3000 rupees per month in HDFC RD Scheme 2024

As informed, the bank is providing 7% interest rates to their normal citizens and 7.5% interest rates for senior citizens. If you are investing 3000 per month for the next 48 months then you can get up to 22.5 thousand After completing the maturity of 4 years. If any individual invest in December 2023 then his maturity will complete on December 2027. After that bank will provide them total of 166457 Rs. It will include the premium amount of the applicant which they have submitted in the last 48 months of 144000 Rs. And they will get 22457 Extra amount in the form of interest rates. However, if you are a senior citizen then you will get a total of 168216 Rs After completing the majority in the same scheme and will get the benefit of 24216 Rs. However, individuals can choose any number of amounts and number of months according to is there facilities and capability to pay the premium amount monthly if they do not pay that premium on time then the bank will charge penalties so it will reduce their benefits accordingly.