होणी लाखों में कमाई, सिर्फ ₹10000 लगाकर इन बिजनेस से बनें लखपति – New Business Ideas 2024

New Business Ideas 2024: Business is an evergreen source of income where one cannot depend on a fixed salary and up to more than the salary according to their potential. So if you are also thinking of starting a new business but have challenges collecting money to start a new business, Then you can check this article “New Business Ideas 2024” where we will discuss business ideas under 10000 rupees in 2024. It will help you to guide for a new business market in 2024 with a minimum investment.

New Business Ideas 2024

Blogging Business 2024: Earn from Blogging in 2024

New Business Ideas 2024: Blogging is a good platform for those who want to earn money from businesses with minimum investment. You have to purchase a website on the internet to start blogging. Different companies are charging from 3000 to 5000 rupees per year from the person who wants to purchase a website. After a day to have to post articles on various topics according to your interest and after that, you can attach it with AdSense. As much you gain good traffic on the internet, the AdSense earnings on the website will automatically increase and you can earn up to 1 lakh monthly by starting a single blogging website.

Start a YouTube channel in 2024 (How to make a YouTube channel?)

New Business Ideas 2024: YouTube is a very famous social media and sharing platform where most people are searching millions of topics daily to learn about them. So if you have sufficient knowledge of any specific topic including education, investment in the stock market, kitchen, cooking, etc then you can start a YouTube channel.

However you have to face difficulties for a few months to gain subscribers on your YouTube channel, but due to the YouTube shorts feature, you can create 30-second videos on YouTube for YouTube shorts so it will help you to achieve thousands of subscribers in a few months. Once you achieve a sufficient number of subscribers and watch hours on your YouTube channel you can link the channel with the AdSense program of Google, so Google will show ads on your YouTube videos and will pay you for the ads.

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Railway New Vacancy 2024: रेलवे में 1.5 लाख नयी भर्ती, 10th 12th पास खुद से ऐसे भरें फॉर्म और तैयारी कर दें आज से ही शुरू

Drop shipping business 2024

New Business Ideas 2024: If you know about how to become famous on the internet and how to get listed under Google search then you can start a dropshipping business also. The Dropshipping business is an online business where you have to contact the dealers who are providing products after that you have to promote their products on your personal social media platform including website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Once anyone places an order on your social media platform, you will forward the order to the dealer and they will send the order to the customer directly. So you do need not to collect any product at your house but only have to manage customers and dealers through online mode after that you will earn through the margins from the dealer. 

Instant Loan 2024: ₹6 लाख का तत्काल ऋण! मोबाइल से ऐसे भरें फॉर्म, जितना जल्दी भरोगे पैसा उतना जल्दी मिलेगा

HDFC Bank Personal Loan 2024: अपनी इच्छाओं को और कितना टालेंगे अब यहां से लो इंस्टेंट 40 लाख तक का लोन

Poonawalla Fincorp Personal Loan 2024: बिना सिक्योरिटी 30 लाख का लोन लो और बेधड़क शुरू करो बिज़नेस

Tiffin services business 2024 

New Business Ideas 2024: Food is a very necessary item for anyone who wants to live. The tiffin service business is very famous in cities and crowded cities where most of the citizens are coming to earn money from their villages and are living in the cities alone. Apart from this, there are multiple hostels and coaching centers where students living without their families to prepare for multiple competitive examinations.

So you can contact these hostels and workers who want to get tiffin facilities. After this, you have to deliver the tiffin to these people two or three times a day according to your deal. There are two features under tiffin service facilities including either you can contact a person who is making food on a large scale and you have to only perform as a delivery boy to collect from the store and supply it to the customer. However, if you have a sufficient amount then you can also start cooking for homemade dishes and after that can pack and supply it to the customers accordingly. 


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