SASSA Payment Dates, Status Check For R350 Payment January 2024 Confirmed Date

R350 Payment Date: SASSA, i.e. Social Relief of Distress Award, has provided a payment of SRD350 to South African citizens for January 2024. The status is updated every 30 days, and as usual, payments will be sent on different dates each month. Individuals must access to check the SASSA payment status. The Social Relief of Distress Grant provided by SASSA is aimed at individuals aged 18 to 60, with an assessed value of R350. This grant is provided to individuals who do not have sufficient balance and who are not receiving assistance from any other source.

Overview of R350 Payment January 2924

DetailsPayment Dates of R350
CountrySouth Africa
Provided BySASSA
December Date18-22, 2023
January Date25-31, 2024

What is the R350 SRD Grant?

The R350 SRD Grant is for South African citizens, refugees, attack victims, and special permit holders aged between 18 and 60 years. They must not have qualifying means, must not be receiving social grants or contributing towards UIF payments, and must not be receiving any financial support from any other source.

Currently, the R350 stipend is helping approximately 7 million South Africans. SASSA has extended the SRD R350 grant until March 2024. This important announcement will help let these grant recipients know when they will receive their grant money.

SASSA permanent grants are usually paid on a fixed schedule; The R 350 Award is not like that. SASSA payment dates for December 2023 are important for South African beneficiaries as the holiday season approaches.

Knowing these dates guarantees quick cash access, especially in times of financial demand and resulting budget limitations. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with R350 payment dates for December 2023 and January 2024.

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What is the importance of R350 payment dates?

For beneficiaries to receive their grants on time, they must follow SSA payment schedules and dates. For this, it is beneficial to know the payment dates and schedules of the upcoming year, so that the beneficiaries can plan their financial plan properly.

For beneficiaries who may face financial hardship if their grants are delayed or disrupted, it is extremely important to stay informed about payment dates and schedules. This gives them a safe and secure way to reduce money-related worries while on vacation.

Keep in mind, a properly managed grant can have both short and long-term benefits, and provide economic security to beneficiaries.

When people will receive the payment of R350 December 2023 and January 2024

COVID Social Relief Benefits (SRD) funds, in addition to monthly SASSA payments, are equally important in helping many residents. What often happens is that payments occur in the last week for all beneficiaries per month who are enrolled under SASSA schemes. Below are the SASSA payment dates for R350 grants in December 2023 and January 2024

December 2023Payment will arrive between December 18 and December 22.
January 2024From January 25 to 31 of 2024, beneficiaries are likely to receive compensation.

Sassa suggests that recipients should check their Sassa status throughout the payment week to ensure they know when their grant will be paid into their bank accounts. Additionally, when payments are processed, the agency reminds awardees that it can typically take two to three business days to receive their funds in their accounts.

How beneficiary will receive the amount

As a beneficiary of an R350 grant, you can choose to have this grant transferred directly into your bank account. With this, you get access to money as soon as possible. If you don’t have a personal bank account, you can use the CashSend payment option to receive your SRD grant money.

Your phone number and ID number can be used to access your grant payment. To utilize this grant deposit technique, you must present identification and a registered cellphone number. To use this fundraising method, one must present their identification and registered cellphone number.

Grant recipients must pass through retail locations nationwide to receive their R350 incentive. Stores offering R350 rewards include Boxer, Pick & Pay, Checkers, and ShopRite.

Direct Bank Transfer Option

  • Beneficiaries of the R350 grant can opt to have the grant amount directly transferred to their bank accounts.
  • This choice provides quick access to the funds, allowing recipients to use the money as soon as possible.

Cash Send Payment Option

  • If an individual doesn’t possess a personal bank account, they can use the Cash Send payment option to receive the SRD grant money.
  • This alternative ensures that those without a bank account can still access their grant funds through an alternative method.
  • To utilize the grant deposit technique, individuals must present proper identification along with a registered cellphone number.
  • This step is crucial for ensuring the security and proper distribution of the grant funds.

Expected reasons for delay in the payment of R350

Donation payment is made 7-14 days after the application is approved in South Africa; There is no time limit for this process.

Administrative Delay: If beneficiary data submission time exceeds the time limit, payment may not be made on time.

Verification Process: SASSA can verify that the information provided by beneficiaries is accurate. If information is incomplete or incorrect, payment may be delayed.

Payment System Problems: Payments may be delayed due to technical issues.

Applications received: Due to the volume of donation applications, SASSA may have to postpone donation processing and distribution.

Public Holidays: Payment processing may be delayed on public holidays and weekends.


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