Solar Rooftop Yojana Subsidy 2023: सोलर पैनल सब्सिडी यहां से इस तरह मिलेगी

Solar Rooftop Yojana Subsidy 2023: The government of Rajasthan took a big step to promote the usage of solar energy in Rajasthan state. Now the Rajasthan government has released a new renewable energy policy. As per the new policy of the Rajasthan government, they will increase the solar power consumption of the state.  At present, the solar power consumption of Rajasthan state is 30 thousand megawatts but the government is planning to increase it to 90 thousand megawatts.

As per the new policy of the Rajasthan government. Now the big companies and investors who build the solar parks. They don’t need to pay 5 lakh rupees for renewable energy development funds and project security to the government, they just need to pay 1 lakh per megawatts. Rather than this now the local people can also install solar panels on their rooftops, and even they can sell the solar power to electricity companies and earn money.

Solar Rooftop Yojana Subsidy 2023

Solar power is a kind of renewable energy, it is one of the best methods to generate electricity and save our environment from harmful gases. Usually, the power companies generate electricity by either burning coal or petroleum. This is the traditional method of power/ electricity production. The major drawback of this method is limited fuel resources. On our planet Earth, there is a very limited source available to generate power. As per the traditional method and petroleum as fuel to generate electricity. But since the industrial revolution of Britain, we have consistently used these resources. Petrol and coal are present in a very limited amount on the earth.

This traditional method of energy production releases CO2 and other harmful gases into the atmosphere of the earth as a byproduct. Excess amount of CO2 and other harmful gases are very dangerous for our earth because it is the cause of global warming. Rather than the traditional methods of power production, solar power is more eco-friendly. Solar power comes under the category of a renewable source of energy. In comparison to the traditional method of energy production, it is cheaper and easier to install. The solar panel generates electricity by using the sun as a fuel, solar panels have solar cells which generate and store the electricity.

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Best places to install solar panels

Solar panels can be installed anywhere. but we should always install solar panels in those places where we get a good amount of sunlight. Usually, the technicians install solar panels on the rooftops of the houses because it is the best place to get the maximum sunlight to generate solar energy.

Solar wind

As per government officials. The Rajasthan government is planning to make Rajasthan a solar power hub. As per the experts, this step of the government will raise a 4-lakh color investment in the Rajasthan till 2029. It is a big step to boost the economy of Rajasthan.  This step will have a big impact on the various sectors of Rajasthan whether it is automobile or textile.

Solar energy is more cost-effective, in comparison to the traditional methods of energy production. Cost-effective energy production means the price of the energy will decrease, it will attract other industries to come and establish their production houses in the various districts of Rajasthan.

Floating solar panels

Till the present time, solar panels have been installed only on the rooftops of the buildings and the plains of the Thar Desert. Now Rajasthan government will install floating solar panels in the dams and the lake. Through this method, the government will be able to maximize the production of solar power.  Allegedly the government is developing more such kinds of tools to get more production of solar power. Allegedly these steps will make Rajasthan a self-sustainable state in terms of electricity and power production.

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Some Problems of Solar Power

Solar panels are one of the best tools to generate power by using sunlight. It has many positive points but it has some drawbacks also. Some of the demerits of solar power are given below.

  1. Need high maintenance: solar panels are very easy to install and don’t need any human help to operate.  But our environmental pollution and dust is the biggest enemy of solar panel. Whenever a small layer of dust accumulates on the surface of solar panels, the panels start losing their energy-generating capacity.

There is always a need for people to clean the surface of solar panels.

  • Harsh climate impact: The harsh climate of any locality impacts the capacity and life of the solar panel; Rajasthan state has desert and some of Rajasthan districts have a very harsh climate. In this condition, it may be possible that the solar panels will get damaged due to climate 
  • Energy storing capacity: Usually the electricity companies produce electricity and send it to various places, but in the case of solar energy, the companies have to establish an infrastructure to store the energy.
  • Awareness:  still many people are afraid to install solar panels on their rooftops. Some people think that their house will lose its strength due to a load of solar panels. Usually, people think that solar panel is not safe for their home and for children, and it is just a waste of money. It is the government, Bollywood celebrities, NGOs and social media influencers’ responsibility to spread awareness about the benefits of solar panels. They have to motivate people to install more and more solar panels on their rooftops (whether it is home, factory or office)

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