$225 to $628 Toronto Grocery Rebate Amount 2024: Check Out the Eligibility & Payments Date

$225 to $628 Grocery Rebate Programme: The Canadian government has announced a new rebate program called the $225 to $628 Grocery Rebate Toronto 2024. This initiative aims to assist low-income and moderate-income families across Canada, offering financial support for grocery expenses.

The Toronto Grocery Rebate Amount 2024 will be provided as a one-time credit. To qualify for this $225 to $628 Grocery Rebate, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by the government. The rebate will be distributed alongside the quarterly GST/HST credit payment. To learn more about eligibility criteria and the Toronto Grocery Rebate Amount 2024, continue reading below.

Toronto Grocery Rebate Amount 2024 Overview

Rebate NameToronto 2024 Grocery Rebate
Launched byFinance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister
DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Toronto Grocery Rebate Amount 2024$225 to $628
BeneficiariesAll low and moderate-income individuals and families
Payment MethodLump sum
Net Family Income EligibilityFamilies: $38,000 or below Individuals: Below or equal to $32,000

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Toronto 2024 $225 To $628 Grocery Rebate Programme

In Toronto, the finance minister and Deputy Prime Minister have announced a Grocery Rebate ranging from $225 to $628 for the year 2024. This rebate aims to assist approximately 11 million Canadians who belong to low or moderate-income families. To avail of this rebate, individuals must file a tax return, as the amount will be determined based on their return.

In 2024, the Toronto Grocery Rebate Amount will double compare to last year, giving a big increase for those who qualify. This rebate is part of the HST/GST tax credit and will be either put directly into bank accounts or sent as checks. Last year, people got their rebates by July 5th, and it’s expected to be the same this year. Families earning $38,000 or less and individuals earning $32,000 or less are eligible for this rebate, making sure that people who need help in Canada get support.

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Toronto Grocery Rebate Amount 2024

The Toronto Grocery Rebate for 2024 offers assistance ranging from $225 to $628, depending on an individual’s marital status and their family’s net income. To qualify, single individuals must have a net income below $32,000, while families must have a net income below $38,000. The exact amount of the rebate will be determined based on these criteria.

SituationChildrenIncomeAmount Received
Single Mother or Individual0$30,000$234
Single Mother or Individual1$32,000$387
Single Mother or Individual2$32,000$467
Single Mother or Individual3$32,000$548
Single Mother or Individual4$32,000$628
Couple or Common Law Partner0$38,000$306
Couple or Common Law Partner1$38,000$387
Couple or Common Law Partner2$38,000$467
Couple or Common Law Partner3$38,000$548
Couple or Common Law Partner4$38,000$628

Eligibility for Toronto Grocery Rebate 2024

Individuals and families eligible for the GST/HST Tax Credit will automatically qualify for the Grocery Rebate in Toronto, ranging from $225 to $628.

  • To be eligible, beneficiaries must be at least 19 years old when the payment is made. If someone is younger than 19, they can still qualify if their parents are eligible, or they meet specific tax status criteria.
  • However, eligibility for the rebate is not granted if, at the beginning of the month when the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issues the GST/HST payment, any of the following conditions apply:
  • The individual is a non-resident of Canada for income tax purposes.
  • The individual is an officer or servant of a foreign country and didn’t pay taxes in Canada during the financial year.
  • The individual has been confined to a prison or similar institution for 90 consecutive days.

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How You Can Get Toronto Grocery Rebate 2024?

  • In 2024, you won’t need to apply separately if you’ve already filed your tax returns for 2023. If you’re eligible, the rebate amount will be sent to you automatically by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), either as a check or through direct deposit.
  • Even if you didn’t earn any income, it’s important to file your tax returns for 2023. This is because having your 2023 tax returns on record is necessary to qualify for the rebate.
  • Make sure to keep your income tax and benefits information up to date with the CRA. Whether it’s your income or your family’s, any changes need to be updated.
  • If you’re already receiving the GST/HST credit, you’re automatically eligible for the grocery rebate. You can check your eligibility for the GST/HST credit by looking at your Notice of (Re) determination.
  • If you haven’t received your rebate amount as expected, wait for 10 working days as advised by the CRA. If you still haven’t received it after that time, you can inquire about your rebate amount for 2024 with the CRA.

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