$4873 Social Security Payment For SSI SSDI & VA: Check out Eligibility, Payment Date & Claim

$4873 Social Security Payment For SSI SSDI & VA: In June 2024, a payment of $4873 will be provided for SSI, SSDI, and VA beneficiaries. This article “$4873 Social Security Payment For SSI SSDI & VA” will explain the eligibility criteria and provide the deposit dates of $4873 Social Security Payment 2024 as announced by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Read on to find out if you qualify and when you can expect to receive your $4873 Social Security Checks 2024 Payment.

Social Security benefits are received when you turn 62 and retire from work. However, the amount of benefit received at age 62 is less than the benefit received at age 70. In June 2024, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has confirmed a payment of $4873 for people who $4,873 Social Security Claim Payment June 2024 their payment at age 70. This benefit is specifically for those Social Security recipients who are claiming their $4,873 Social Security Payment at age 70.

Beneficiaries should check their eligibility conditions so that they can determine their Social Security Payment amount status. The SSA has released the $4,873 Social Security Payment Dates, and this confirmation is not wrong. Read the full article for more information about the new Social Security payment.

Overview of the $4873 Social Security Payment For SSI SSDI & VA

Social Security works as a monthly pension benefit for citizens and SSDI and SSI come in the form of disability benefits. If you are taking your payments at age 70, you will be paid a Social Security benefit of $4873 in June 2024. SSI payment will not be paid in June 2024 because it has already been issued in May 2024.

Post Title$4873 In June 2024
Organization NameSSA – Social Security Administration
Country Providing BenefitsUSA
Benefit ProvidedSocial Security benefits
BeneficiariesLow-income citizens living in the United States
Payment Amount$4873
Payment DatesTo be mentioned below
Benefit Transfer ModeOnline
Benefit StatusReleasing soon
Post TypeFinance

$4873 for SSI, SSDI, and VA in June 2024

Many United States citizens are facing financial difficulties, especially with older citizens who have retired from work. These individuals rely on regular income provided by the commission determined as Social Security benefits. United States citizens must attain the age of 62 to receive retirement benefits and accumulate enough work credits during their working years.

If claimed at the age of 62, the beneficiary will receive $2670 in monthly Social Security benefits. However, the full retirement age is 67 years, at which beneficiaries will receive $3822 in monthly payments.

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Social Security Benefits in June 2024

If United States citizens claim their retirement benefits at the age of 70, they will be given a benefit amount of $4873. The monthly payment for individuals filing taxes as single will be $943, while couples will receive $1415 monthly.

All beneficiaries will receive direct payments into their bank accounts on scheduled dates according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). People claiming benefits at the age of 70 must meet additional conditions. Citizens must ensure they meet all the necessary conditions to receive their Social Security $4,873 Checks Payment 2024.

Facts about $4873 Social Security, SSDI, SSI In June

In June 2024, citizens of the United States will receive Social Security benefits through the SSA, serving as their retirement income. The Social Security benefits amount to $4873, but this is applicable only if the beneficiary claims it at the age of 70 years.

SSI benefits vary based on the marital status of the beneficiary:

  • Couples will receive $1415 per month.
  • Single individuals will receive $943 per month.

There has been an increase in the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), resulting in changes to the monthly benefits received by citizens. Beneficiaries earning the highest amount will receive the $4873 payment on June 3, 2024. Others will receive their payments on different dates according to the schedule provided

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$4873 Social Security Payment For SSI SSDI & VA: Check out Eligibility, Payment Date & Claim

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Eligibility for $4873 In June 2024

To qualify for the $4873 benefit in June 2024, you must meet specific requirements:

Resident Of United States of America
Age Limit 70 years
Resources Lack of resources
Income Less than the limits
Taxes Social Security Taxes
Disability Yes
Work Credits 35
Working History35 years

When to Get $4873 Payments of SSI, SSDI & VA in 2024?

Citizens will receive the $4873 monthly benefit checks on different dates in June 2024. Here are the details: Make sure to check your eligibility and the payment schedule to know when you will get your benefits.

SSI Payment: No SSI payment in June 2024 as it was given in advance in May 2024.

Check the table below for the exact dates of other payments:

Benefits DayBirth DateBenefit Date for June 2024
3rd Date (SSI)Claiming before May 19973 June 2024
2nd Wednesday1st to 10th12 June 2024
3rd Wednesday11th to 20th19 June 2024
4th Wednesday21st to 31st26 June 2024
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