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What You Need To Know About Visiting Germany From India


Travelling to Germany for the first time? A lot of questions must be running on your mind, right from the time zones to cultural etiquettes, to hotels bookings, kind of transportation available, common language used and what not! Relax, take a deep breath. Let us give you some travel tips and be your perfect German travel guide.

For starters, Germans are not shy about pointing out things that you might be doing it wrong and though that might seem harsh, you will realize it is always good to be respectful and accommodating towards the country’s culture you are visiting. It is known as good etiquettes and Germans have a taste and reputation for it. And there goes your first tip already.

Read on to know about the things you should keep in mind while you plan your trip to Germany.

  • Plan An Itinerary

Spontaneous planning in a foreign land can be a bit cumbersome. Prepare a list of places you want to cover each day and also figure out how you plan to reach each destination. Make a reasonable schedule that allows to rest and take quick lunch and dinner breaks. Do include hidden gems like Coburg, Bamberg, Würzburg, Aachen, or Aschaffenburg in your list. You will love them!

  • Learn Basic German

English is not the official language in Germany; hence, it would be wise to learn basic German phrases and words in order to have a smooth communication with the locals.

  • Buy International Travel Insurance From India

Getting a travel insurance for Germany ensures that you’re covered in case of any mishap or accident that can occur when you are at foreign land. It is always wise to have travel insurance to be insured against such risks.

  • Know The Transport Zones Of The Area You’ll Be Visiting

In a city like Berlin, there are three fare zones. Namely, the A zone which is in the center of the city; the B zone is away from the city and the C zone which is in the outskirts. Each city you visit, the transportation systems would be different. So, you need be aware about the kind of ticket you need to purchase to get around the area.

  • Be Punctual

Germans are known for their punctuality and they take it quite seriously. So, it is advisable you respect their timings and arrive on time if you have scheduled any meetings or reservations. For Germans, arriving on time means reaching 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Yes, it’s true.

  • Sundays Are For Sabbaticals

If you are in Germany on a weekend, know that Germans take their weekly-offs on Sundays so most of the shops will be shut that day. Some restaurants and cafes will be open but do not expect much action on a Sunday. So, plan your holidays accordingly.

Following these basic tips will ensure you have a great trip to Germany! Thank us later!

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