Canada Job Rule 2024: Foreign students are allowed to work only 24 hours a week, Check the New Rules

Canada Job Rule 2024: The Canadian government has limited total working hours in a week for international students in Canada. The government is focusing on the overall growth of the students and does not want to increase the extra burden on students in their country which will help to achieve good scores in their academics. If you are also studying in Canada and also earning from a part-time job in the country to manage your educational expenses then you should check this article “Canada Job Rule 2024” where we will share with you the latest announcement of the Canadian government for international students. 

Cabinet Minister Mark Miller in Canada said that the government is going to limit working hours for international students in the country to 24 hours a week. However, students can now work outside the campus for 20 hours only a week which was reduced during the pandemic covid-19. Now after the coronavirus, the government will end the scheme of 20 hours a week for international students in the first week of May month of 2024. International students will now be able to work in Canada outside the campus for a maximum of 24 hours in a week after September month has the new bill will be implemented in September. So This will ensure that the students manage their financial expenses in Canada and will help them to focus on their studies if they have a proper source of income then they will not need to manage extra income. 

Academic scores are affecting international students

Apart from Canada, other countries such as Australia and America have informed that the academic performance of the students is affected due to the increased number of working hours in a week. Australia is currently providing 28 hours a week for international students in the country and students are focusing on earning instead of their studies due to extra chances of earning money.

However, they are continuously focusing on decreasing the number of working hours for international students as they want to ensure high-quality education for international students which is the primary focus of the students to locate in their country. 

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The cost of living in Canada is very high

The cost of living in Canada is continuously increasing due to multiple factors and it is also affecting international students as they cannot manage their education with the scholarship provided by the different organizations. So they have to engage in part-time work activities which help them to extra money to manage their expenses.

How about the Government of Canada also accepting this and stating that part-time work outside of the campus will not only help them to manage their financial expenses but will also help them to learn work experience in the field which will help them in their overall life. 

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Indian students are studying in Canada

Canada is very famous in India for earning as well as learning. Most Indian students dream of studying in Canada for their higher education. According to a survey in Canada in 2022, more than 3 lakh students are currently studying in different universities in Canada which are citizens of India. However other countries students are also migrating to Canada to get good education facilities and good placement.

Apart from the educational purpose, the universities are also offering in-campus placement opportunities for the students which help them to stay longer in Canada after getting jobs in the country and other world. So if you are living in Canada or any relative or friend is living in Canada then it is a good opportunity and good news for Canadian students as they can now work 24 hours a week instead of 20 hours. As it was implemented in only emergency cases during the coronavirus.


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