|New| Canada Minimum Wage: Check Out Province Wise Wages in CA

|New| Canada Minimum Wage: In Canada, the Employment and Social Development Department has introduced a new minimum wage, aiming to improve the financial situation of workers across the country. The government believes that every Canadian worker deserves fair compensation and a genuine opportunity to achieve success. Despite efforts, many workers continue to struggle with financial challenges due to low wages and part-time employment. The new minimum wage for 2024 addresses these concerns, offering insights into province and territory-specific rates and considerations for workers under the age of 18.

Canada has set new rules for Canada Minimum Wage about how much money workers have to be paid. This change was made by the people in charge of jobs and social development in Canada, along with the government. It started in the year 2024. Starting from April 1st, 2024, the lowest amount of money that workers can be paid in Canada went up. Before, it was $16.65 for every hour a person worked. Now, it has been increased to $17.30 for each hour worked. This change is meant to help workers keep up with the cost of living, or how much money they need to pay for basic things like food, housing, and transportation.

Canada Minimum Wage
|New| Canada Minimum Wage: Check Out Province Wise Wages in CA

|New| Canada Minimum Wage Overview

Name of the articleCanada minimum wage increase
ObjectiveAddressing rising cost of living for workers
Effective DateApril 1st, 2024
Previous Minimum Wage$16.65 per hour
New Minimum Wage$17.30 per hour
Implemented ByEmployment and Social Development Canada

|New| Canada Minimum Wage: Check Out Province Wise Wages in CA

The rise in minimum wages is connected to something called the consumer price index, which tracks how prices for things like food and housing change over time. In 2023, this index increased by 3.9% in Canada. So, the hike in minimum wages is keeping up with this rise in prices.

This change is good news for approximately 30,000 employees working in private companies across Canada. It means they’ll be earning more money for their work. Employers in Canada are required to update their records about how much they pay their workers. They must ensure that everyone, including interns, receives the new, higher minimum wage starting from April 1st, 2024. This is important to ensure that everyone gets paid what they’re supposed to.

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Old payment wages in Canada

Canada’s Employment and Social Development Department made a significant announcement regarding the 2024 Canada New Minimum Wage, establishing it at $17.30 per hour. This important update, revealed on April 1st, 2024, underscores the government’s dedication to guaranteeing fair pay for workers across the country.

Before this change, the previous minimum wage in Canada was $16.65 per hour. It’s worth noting that workers under the age of 18 have a different minimum wage set at $13.00 per hour, reflecting special considerations for younger individuals entering the workforce.

New Province Wise Wages in CA

Territory / ProvinceCurrent Minimum WageIncreased Minimum WageEffective Date
British Columbia$16.75$17.40June 1st, 2024
Alberta$15.00$15.00October 1st, 2018
Manitoba$15.30$15.30October 1st, 2023
New Brunswick$15.30$15.30April 1st, 2024
Northwest Territories$16.05$16.05September 1st, 2023
Newfoundland & Labrador$15.60$15.60April 1st, 2024
Nova Scotia$15.20$15.20April 1st, 2024
Ontario$16.55$17.20October 1st, 2024
Nunavut$19.00$19.00January 1st, 2024
Quebec$15.25$15.75May 1st, 2024
Prince Edward Island$15.40$16.00October 1st, 2024
Yukon$17.59$17.59April 1st, 2024
Saskatchewan$14.00$14.00October 1st, 2023

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If You Don’t Get on an Hourly Basis

If your pay doesn’t depend on how many hours you work, you’ll still get at least the minimum wage amount. Even if you’re paid once a year or based on how many miles you travel, the government might set a rate for you that’s equal to or higher than the minimum wage.

This rate will be figured out based on how much you earn each year (not including extra payments like holiday or vacation pay or extra money for working overtime). They’ll divide this by the total number of hours you worked to find the rate. This way, everyone gets paid fairly according to how much they work.

If You Are Below 18 Years

If you’re under 18, you might still be able to work if you meet these conditions:

  • You don’t have to go to school according to the laws of your province.
  • The work you do won’t harm your health or safety.
  • You’re not working underground in a mine.
  • Your job isn’t one of the kinds that young workers are not allowed to do, like those mentioned in laws such as the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and Regulations, the Explosives Regulations 2013, and the Canada Shipping Act 2001.
  • You’re not required to work between 11 PM and 6 AM.
  • These rules are in place to make sure young workers stay safe and healthy while they gain work experience.

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