DA Hike Calculator 2024: केंद्रीय कर्मचारियों की लगेगी लॉटरी, मिलेगा 7596+7596+7596= ₹22788 का एरियर

DA Hike Calculator 2024: The central government is ready to Hike DA Central Government employees in the month of March 2024 for the session of January to June 2024. Apart from the increment in the dearness allowance of the employees, the government will also send the arrears from January to March of 2024 in the bank account of employees. So Central Government employees will get an increased salary in the festival of Holi 2024. So if you are also a government employee then you should check the monthly salary after the increment in DA according to the basic pay and other allowances including house and rent allowance, travel allowance etc in DA Hike calculator 2024.

DA Hike Calculator 2024

AICPI for January has been released on the official website of the Government of India which is an important factor to decide the percentage of increment in DA. According to the inflation and data in AICPI, it is expected to increase 4% DA in this session also so Government employees will receive approximately 50% DA for the session of January and June 2024. They will get 50% of their basic salary as DA. Apart from the DA in March month, employees will also receive the rest amount from January to February from the increased DA as arrears. After that employees will receive a huge amount in the next month salary which will not only include the basic pay but will also include 50% dearness allowance, arrears of January and February month, Travel announce, house and rent allowance etc. Apart from this Employees be received net salary after deduction of tax and national pension scheme of PPF scheme according to the employees. 

DA Hike Calculator 2024

Salary calculator according to the Pay band

The minimum salary in the pay band is starting from 18000 per month basic salary. After that employees are receiving additional allowances on the basic pay and after that received increase salary per months according to the pay band. So if you are receiving the minimum salary of 18000 from January month, so you will get salary according to the following table of calculation.

MonthBasic SalaryDATravel AllowanceArrears Gross Salary

Calculation of salary of Government employees 

The employees were getting salaries according to the pay band In The Sixth pay commission, but after implementation of the seventh pay commission it is upgraded into the pay matrix. The pay matrix of 7th pay commission is a complex table which is categorised into 18 Levels. The first level is starting from the basic salary of the lowest post in the government in the 18th level is prepared for senior officers. Each level have 40 categories of promotions and each is upgraded with 3% Annual increment. So any individual can check the basic pay in this table according to the level and year of increment in salary.

7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Date 2024: हो जाइये खुश! 18 महीने का DA एरियर इस तारीख को आएगा खाते में

7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Payment News 2024: आज 18 महीने के डीए एरियर पर आई Very गुड न्यूज, केंद्रीय कर्मचारी होंगे मालामाल

However, it also includes Addition allowances with the salary including the dearness allowance, travel allowance house and rent allowance, etc. The HRA is decided according to the category of the city which is divided into 3 categories. So is expensive city you are living, you will get higher HRA with basic salary. The government is also preparing to increase HRA and the portion of increment in HRA according to the cities. Once it implemented, Employees with also receive additional amount in their salary. 


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