✅ DA Hike latest updates: 50% छोड़ो… शून्य हो जाएगा महंगाई भत्ता! केंद्रीय कर्मचारियों व पेंशनर्स की चांदी

DA Hike latest updates: Central Government employees are waiting to receive the increased dearness allowance in their salary for January month of 2024. Currently, employees are receiving 46% DA with their basic salary and other allowances however it is expected to increase in this year also. So if you are also a government employee then you should check the DA Hike latest updates for the increment in the dearness for January 2024. The government will present a DA Hike latest updates report on the increment in their names.

According to the provisions of the 7th pay commission, the Government has to increase the dearness allowance for their Government employees two times a year. The rate of increment of DA is decided by the AICPI. It is the monthly data of increment in the dearness for various products. After the date, the government will analyze the month-wise increment in the dearness and will increase the dearness allowance for the Central Government.

DA Hike latest updates

DA Hike latest updates 2024

State Governments are also using the same formula to increase their State Government employee’s DA. AICPI releases the data of monthly increments in dearness at the end of each month. The increment for dearness will be uploaded on the official website. After that January the data will be released at the end of February. So employees will get the DA Hike latest updates about the rates of dearness and after that, they can expect the increment of DA according.

DA ike 50% for Government employees

The central government is increasing the 4% DA for their employees in the gap of 6 months from 2 to 3 years. The last dearness was increased in October 2023 and after that employees are receiving 46% da which was 42% earlier. Now by following the same procedure, the government will analyse the AICPI index and announce the increment of dearness for the duration of January to June month salary of 2024.

However, it is expected to increase the next DA by up to 50%. So it will be very good news for employees as they can receive an additional half salary with their basic salary in only da, apart from this additional announces including HRA, medical and travel allowance, etc will also be provided accordingly

0% DA will be provided for next time

Employees should also note that the Central government will not further increase DA allowance for their employees after reaching up to 50% of the salary. According to the 7th pay commission, once the DA reaches half of the salary or 50% of the basic salary then the Government has to revise the basic pay structure again, and after that DA will start from 0%. It means if any employee is receiving 50% DA on 18000 per month basic pay then he will receive approximately 27000 and additional allowances in the net salary. But after reaching out up to a maximum of 50% DA, it will be revised again and the day will be started from 0%. However, the basic salary structure will also be reframed. According to the rules in the 7th pay commission, the basic salary will be revised with the inclusion of the current basic salary and an additional 50% DA on the salary. Is means if anyone is receiving 9000 da for an 18000 monthly salary then his basic salary will be revised for 27000 from 18000. After that new DA will be provided from this basic salary which will be started from 0%.

The burden on government fund of DA

In 2006, the Sixth Pay Commission introduced a new pay scale, effective from January 1, 2006, although the official notification was issued on March 24, 2009. This delay led to the government disbursing DA Arrears over 39 to 42 months across the financial years 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11. Simultaneously, a new pay scale was implemented.

For individuals falling within the fifth pay scale with earnings between 8000-13500, the DA amounted to 186%, totaling 14500 rupees. Combining this with the new pay scale resulted in an overall salary of 22,880. Under the sixth pay scale, the corresponding scale was set at 15600-39100 plus 5400 grade pay. The salary in this scale was 15600-5400 plus 21000. Additionally, an extra 16% DA from January 1, 2009, was factored in, resulting in a fixed total salary of 23,226 rupees.

The recommendations of the Fourth Pay Commission were implemented in 1986, the Fifth in 1996, and the Sixth in 2006. Subsequently, the Seventh Commission’s suggestions were put into effect in January 2016.


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