High Earning Business in India 2024: गजब! घर बैठे लाखों कमाओ, सिर्फ 200 रुपए बचाकर ऐसे बनाए 8 लाख, 12-18% तक रिटर्न

High Earning Business in India 2024: Youths in India take an interest in investment schemes for their better future and save little amount from their monthly salary. If you are also searching for a good plan to invest for your better future then you can check SIP investment plan 2024 where you can invest a small amount every month for a fixed time duration. It will not burden you to invest the whole amount directly but will also allow you to get the maximum benefit from your monthly small investment. Today we will discuss with you the SIP investment plan 2024 or High Earning Business in India 2024 in this article where you can get up to 8 lakh rupees with a good return.

Most of the investment plans are accepting the whole amount at one time from the investors which is very challenging for middle-class people due to their monthly financial expenses. There are multiple investment schemes in India for the stock market including shares, mutual funds, etc. Mutual funds provide a good return to the investors after completing the maturity. As mutual funds accept a complete amount at one time and are not beneficial for low-income group investors, companies are providing systematic investment plans- SIPunder mutual funds for monthly investments. 

Benefits of High Earning Business in India 2024 (SIP Plan 2024)

SIP plan 2024 will provide all the benefits of mutual funds to the investors including fixed return after completing the maturity period. The plan works on regular investment methods which are decided by the investor including monthly investment, Quarterly investment, etc according to the facility of the investor. At the time of investment, the company will discuss with the investor the time duration when the scheme will be complete.

Investors have to Invest regularly till completing the period of the scheme. After the date, once you complete the investment period, you will not only receive the invested amount but will also receive the additional earned interest amount over your investment which will be decided according to the current market value.

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18% interest on SIP Scheme 2024

Different companies and mutual fund schemes are providing different interest rates to the investors in the SIP plan. Most of the companies are starting the interest rates from 12% and a maximum of 18% interest is provided by different companies on the invested amount. However, the interest rates are decided by multiple factors including the company where the investor is investing, Large equity investment where you can get up to 14% to 18% return and medium equity investment where an investor can get up to 17% return according to the market value. So at the time of investing in the investment plan of SIP, You should check and confirm the fixed return from the company over your investment amount so it will help you to reevaluate and calculate the lump sum amount after completing the period of investment.

The calculation to make 12 Lakh in the SIP plan

If you are motivated to save approximately 5000 rupees monthly from your salary then you can apply for an SIP plan. If you want maximum return and benefit then you should select a long-term investment scheme that suggests 10 years of investment where you have to pay 5000 rupees per month for the upcoming 10 years. However, if you complete the 10 years then You would have paid 6 lakhs in this scheme from your savings.

If we discuss the interest rate and you are getting the minimum interest of 12% then you will receive approximately 5.61 lakh rupees interest on your investment amount and the time of completing the period. So by following this, you can get up to 11.6 lakh rupees to 1200000 benefit if you invest 5000 rupees monthly in SIP. However 5000 is not a limit, so if you cannot save 5000 rupees per month then you can invest with a minimum amount also where you will also get good Returns, however, if you invest more than the five thousand rupees then you can get more returns.

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Application procedure in SIP Investment Plan 2024

High Earning Business in India 2024: Financial companies and banks are providing investment in mutual funds including SIP plans. Firstly you have to decide anyone company which provides a good return and has good feedback from customers after that you have to follow the following steps to apply for an SIP plan:

  • First of all, visit the website of an investment company and create your profile.
  • After that, you have to complete the KYC by providing PAN Card details and OTP which will you receive on your registered mobile number.
  • Once you complete your KYC you can see offers of different companies for mutual funds in SIP.
  • Select any company where you want to invest provide your banking details for verification and start your investment plan instantly online mode. 

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