SIP+SWP की स्‍ट्रैटेजी से 60 में भी होंगे ठाठ, हर महीने मोटी कमाई

SIP and SWP Investment Plan 2024: Retirement is a very good phase of life for those who have sufficient savings to spend. People are getting interested in saving money for their future which can be used after retirement. So if you are also one of them and want to save your extra money from monthly income then you can check this article “SIP and SWP Investment Plan 2024” where we will discuss with you a good retirement pension plan that will help you to invest in a good scheme. SIP is commonly used by an average salaried person in mutual funds, but you can also use a combination of SIP+SWP for better refunds in retirement. We will discuss with you a very good strategy for investment in SIP + SWP investment schemes.

About SIP and SWP Investment Plan 2024

The SIP term is used for systematic investment plans in mutual funds and the SWP terminology is used for systematic withdrawal plans. Both are investment schemes which are openly used by those individuals who are earning a sufficient monthly salary from their job and want to invest in the mutual funds for a better future. While a systematic investment plan allows you to invest in mutual funds with monthly investments where you can invest a small amount per month for a specific period, after that, you will able to get good returns from Mutual Funds in an SIP scheme.

However, the systematic withdrawal plan is also an investment plan where you can invest the whole amount at one time and after getting it you will get Returns on specific tuners. While other investment schemes provide the refund of investment after completing the maturity, the SWP investment plan will allow you to get riddles on a monthly basis, quarterly basis, yearly basis, etc according to your need. 

Long term investment plan in SIP and SWP 

The combination of SIP and swp schemes of investment is helpful for those who are looking a long-term investment plan with minimum or monthly investment. Most of the mutual fund companies and other investment companies are offering up to 12% Returns under the SIP scheme for those who are opting for it for 20 to 30 years. Apart from this investment companies are offering up to 8% return in the SWP plan for long-term investors.

So if you want to get a good income after retirement or get the age of 60 then you can select The combination of SIP + SWP investment scheme where you will able to invest monthly from your savings. and after that can get a return on a monthly basis under SWP after getting 60. 

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Benefits of SIP and SWP Plan 

There are various benefits of systematic investment plan and systematic withdrawal plan but we will focus on the specific benefits of SIP and SWP which will help you to understand the strategy of using these schemes combinedly:

  • You should first start with an SIP investment plan at the earlier stages of your job. After that, you will able to save a lot number of money until the reach of age 60
  • After that, you should also start the SWP plan at the last edge of your job or after 50 so it will help you to get monthly or quarterly returns according to your investment.
  • It is also important for investors to not combine both schemes as it may impact on each other in case of any balance with your investment and Returns. 
  • You can also use smartly withdrawal of money from SWP which will help you to reduce your tax amount and you can also save a good amount for your future from the tax

Investment in SIP and SWP

However, anyone can start investing in an SIP plan with monthly investment but you should have sufficient funds to get the benefit of SWP. So once you have reached a sufficient number of investment in the SIP plan then after that you can start SWP in the same plan also. However, you can also apply SWP with the retirement fund so you will able to receive double benefits as can invest the money for market and will also able to receive monthly returns according to your fund. You should ensure that the company will not pay you an additional amount once your all savings end under the SWP plan so you will only receive the monthly or quarterly installments according to your investment. 


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