UPI Reverse Payment 2024: UPI से गलत खाते में चला गया पैसा, वापस पाने का ये है तरीका

UPI Reverse Payment 2024: After introducing the Unified payments interface- UPI by NPCI, online transaction is increasing day by day. According to the reports India has become number one for real time payment in 2020 which is possible due to the implementation of UPI from rural to urban areas. UPI is very safest mode of online payment as it is governed by the government of India directly but there are some possibilities of failing the transaction by using UPI, So there are many options for the users who are using UPI to get back their deducted money through upi in case the money has been mistakenly transferred to any other person. Check this article where we have provided some methods to apply for UPI Reverse Payment 2024.

Many people have faced the problem of deduction of payment from the upi due to multiple purposes. However, if you have transferred the amount by using UPI with the authorization of the receiver then you cannot get back without his permission you are amount. But if your amount has been mistakenly transferred to the other person then you can apply for the reverse of the payment. 

Eligibility to UPI Reverse Payment 2024

We are sharing with you some common conditions that are faced by many citizens in India while using upi to get back their mistakenly transferred amount. If your condition is also one of the following then banks and authorities will help you to provide assistance to get back your account.

  • Send money to the wrong UPI ID: UPI ID is very unique ID prepared by many third-party translation mobile applications such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Bank mobile applications, etc. Most of the translation companies are providing to pay the amount by using mobile numbers only. 
  • Use upi ID without authorization: It is important to provide the correct upi ID to the sender in online transactions. However, anyone who is sending you payment without proper information of upi ID can mistakenly send the payment to any other person, and in this case, the payment can be reversed.
  • Upi payment failure: Due to a lack of internet connectivity and server problems, many users have to face failure of upi payment. However the payment is not deducted from the bank of the user in case of failure, but many times it is observed that payment has been directed from the bank account and is not received by the receiver due to UPI payment failure. so this case also helps you to get a refund of your amount.
  • Online fraud: If anyone has used your UPI ID to cheat you and fraud you then you can report it to recover the amount which have been transacted from your bank account to another person and the authorities will help you to get reverse your payment Bank

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How to get UPI Payment Bank?

There are many ways to apply for reverse the upi payment you can follow the following:

  • Contact the upi provider: If you are using the upi created by Google pay, phone pay, or any other company or bank then you should immediately contact the company or Bank by calling the customer care number. So they will help you to get back the amount.
  • Contact the bank: You have to immediately contact to the customer care number of the bank where you have the account and upi id linked with the account. After that Bank representative will inform you about your transaction procedure and will help you to get back the amount and register your complaint.

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  • Visit the bank: If you are facing of wrong upi payment problem then you can visit your bank and contact the bank representative directly so they will submit your application or complaint and will contact you soon with the solution.
  • Applications and directly visit the official website of npci as it is the governing agency of UPI. So they will sort out your problem instantly and will provide you with proper assistance.