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What should you do if you miss the renewal date of your Health Insurance Policy?


A health insurance policy provides great risk protection against possibly massive medical bills in case of hospitalization. Although the premium you pay on the health insurance policy does not fetch you any returns, it is a negligible amount to pay for the high risk it covers. Another important point to remember is that a health policy lapses on the day its validity expires, unless you renew it on or before the last date. And if you miss out on paying the premium on time, you will have to take out a new health insurance policy, and all the benefits you may have earned, such as no claim bonuses in the previous years, also will lapse. However, some insurance companies provide a grace period of a week or two, and that includes non-working days too, but if you still fail to pay the premium in the grace period, then your policy is sure to lapse. There are a few ways in which you can revive your lapsed health insurance policy, and let us take a look at them.

How to revive a lapsed Health Insurance Policy

If your health insurance renewal date has passed without you having paid the premium, some insurance companies will allow you to revive your policty by paying the outstanding premium with interest. Other companies may require you to undergo health check-ups. Here we outline some of the ways in which you can revive your health insurance policy.

  • Ordinarily, if not more than six months have passed since your health insurance renewal date , you should be able to revive it simply by paying the outstanding premium with interest.
  • You can also revive your health insurance policy on non-medical grounds, but in this case the limit on your policy may be less than the original amount for which you took out the policy.
  • When you revive your health insurance policy on medical grounds, which can be done only if the above two methods are not an option, you will have to undergo medical tests all over again and the sum assured will only be decided after the submission of your test results.

You need to remember that you can get the best advice from your health insurance consultant or agent. However, the best thing would be to set a reminder of some sort, say by marking the date in your calendar or diary, or opting for auto-payment of the premium by your bank on the day before your policy lapses.

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