Malaysia Pension Payment Dates, Online Calculator Renew Card, Benefit 2023-2024

Are You Looking Online for the Malaysia Pension Payment Dates for 2023? There is no need to look any further. A pension is an income provided to retired civil servants as compensation to alleviate their burden and guarantee a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Several Malaysia Pension Payment Programs are:

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a mandatory savings and retirement fund for employees sustained by monthly contributions from the government and employers. This EPF, one of the world’s most significant social security funds, offers annual interest on its investments.

Established in 1951, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the world’s oldest and largest retirement funds. Its mission has been to serve as a social security organization that primarily provides retirement benefits to private sector and non-pensioned Malaysian workers.

Over the years, the EPF has demonstrated that it is a responsible and efficient custodian of its members’ retirement resources, playing a significant role in society by providing financial security to most Malaysians or their beneficiaries, which enables members to acquire residences and higher education and also serves as a resource during retirement, mortality, disability, or medical care. Employed, self-employed, and business proprietors can contribute based on their needs.

With the unified portal’s User Access Number and Password authentication method, checking the status of your PF account online is fast and straightforward. Once logged in, you can view your current balance, monitor contributions made to it, and determine whether your KYC details have been updated using documents such as your MyKad, MyPR, employment id card and such other information.

Malaysia Pension Payment Dates, Online Calculator Renew Card, Benefit 2023-2024

Your EPF account will transfer to your new employer’s UAN if you transition employment. Your prior account’s accumulated contributions and annual interest are transferred and taxed at your marginal tax rate.

Government Pension Scheme (GPS)

The Government Pension Scheme (GPS) is an innovative hybrid pension plan incorporating OPS and CPS components. Subscribers contribute to a pension fund during their working years and then withdraw or invest their contributions upon retirement. GPS also guarantees a minimum pension amount upon retirement, making this retirement plan more secure than its CPS equivalent and immune to market fluctuations.

After years of discord regarding pension system reform, the State government introduced the GPS. Unlike the OPS, which only guarantees 20% of an employee’s base pay as pension benefits, GPS provides 50% of the employee’s last drawn salary plus a 4% increase and guaranteed mortality benefits.

Beneficiaries may choose to receive their payments via direct deposit or paper cheques. Here, you can apply for direct deposit payments, which generally become available sooner than payments delivered by mail. Click here for more information about PBGC’s options for low-income retirees and disabled workers requiring special consideration.

Armed Forces Pension Fund (LTAT)

The Armed Forces Pension Fund (LTAT) is a statutory body that administers pension funds for non-commissioned officer military personnel. Under its Act, this organization is administered by a Board of Trustees comprised of civilian government and military representatives; participation in this program is mandatory for all military personnel.

LTAT is a closed-end fund with the investment objective of capital preservation and long-term development. Its total balance at the end of 2008 was approximately RM7.2 billion (according to FIMRA data), and it was supported by contributions from employees and the government as employers, as well as investment income and disability and survivors’ benefits.

LTAT may engage a minimum of 70% and 30% of its funds in trustee and non-trustee investments, respectively. In addition, publicly listed companies may hold up to 5% of their shares.

It is necessary to enhance the administration of civil service and military pension funds by adding independent pension experts to their Board of Trustees. Transparency and accountability should also be enhanced by the publication of demographic and financial sustainability data for existing pensioners by category and retirement age projections based on various assumptions.

How To Check Malaysia Pension Online

The government has developed an application that allows retirees to verify their pension disbursements online.

  • MyPesara is the name of this app. In addition, it was designed to make it simpler for retirees to manage their pensions online.
  • Here are methods to make an online pension payment;
  • The pensioners must navigate to
  • Select the “Check your pension statement” icon.
  • Then, complete the required fields and press the “Send” icon.
  • Finally, the pension status will appear.

Malaysia Pension Online Payment Date 2023


Does a Widow in Malaysia Receive the Pension?

A pension can be applied for by the widow or widower of a deceased pensioner who perished due to an accident, illness, or some other cause.

The spouse of the deceased is eligible to receive pension. It was intended to alleviate the burden and ensure a decent existence for the deceased’s dependents.

What Happens to the Pension in Malaysia Upon Death?

  • Civil personnel who pass away during their term of service are still eligible for a pension.
  • In the event of the pensioner’s demise, the government will pay derivative annuities to the beneficiaries.
  • According to the relevant Pension Act, a derivative pension is a pension issued as a consequence of the demise of a public service employee.
  • Thus, this pension will benefit the widow or widower, the parents of deceased pensioners, and the unmarried, under-21-year-old offspring of deceased pensioners.

How To Transfer A Pension To A Surviving Spouse In Malaysia

  • A widow is eligible for a derivative pension if her spouse, who was serving in the public sector, passes away during their service period.
  • This derivative pension is divided following the allocation of shares to the beneficiaries.
  • The surviving spouse will receive two shares, while the wards will receive one.

Beneficiaries who are eligible for a derivative pension must submit the following forms and documents to the appropriate authorities:

  • Form JPA.BP.SPT.B01d: Application for Derivative Gratuity for death in retirement attached with a valid letter of Declaration by the widow/widower and secure one (1) copy of each of the following: death certificate of the pensioner, marriage certificate, identity card of widow/widower, birth certificate and identity cards of children below 21 years old and no age limit for disabled child (if applicable), adoption certificate adopted child (if applicable).
  • Form JPA.BP.SPT.B06 Pin 2007: Bank account information and a copy of the bank book for the applicant.
  • Form JPA.BP.UMUM.BMJ: Application for assistance with cadaver management.
  • Form JPA.BP.SPT.BO3a: Confirmation of children studying at Institutes of Higher Learning (IPT) for deceased pensioners with children enrolled at IPT.
  • Form JPA.BP.SKP.B08 (pinda): Application letter to appoint a representative under Scheme A, along with a copy of the representative’s identification card.
  • Original pension card.

Can I transfer My Wife A Portion Of My Pension while I am alive?

  • Due to their service in the public sector, the pensioner is entitled to a monthly income in the form of a pension.
  • Pensions are designed particularly for pensioners, in their name, and are subject to certain tax benefits that only apply to them in their capacity as civil servants.
  • Therefore, the transfer of half or any other amount of their annuities, pension to their spouses is not permitted except in the event of death.

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