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Is Two-Wheeler Insurance Applicable in Other States of India


We know your two-wheeler is your special companion. It’s riding on it that you travel long distances and work towards your goals and dreams. Whether it’s about riding to work every day or taking long trips to new and exciting destinations, it’s always there for you! That is why you need to take extra care of your two-wheeler, so that your companionship can stand the test of time.

One of the most essential part of owning a two-wheeler is to get it insured. Moreover, it is also mandatory by law that all two-wheelers plying on the road must have an insurance cover. This holds true all over the country. Having an insurance cover for your two-wheeler not just ensures that you’re complying with the legal requirements, but also means you can enjoy many coverage benefits. All this helps reduce your worries against the unexpected challenges that may catch you off guard.

Does your two-wheeler insurance cover you in other states?

Many of us these days shift residences often from one state to another either due to employment or in search of a better quality of life. At such times, you often plan to carry important assets such as your two-wheeler along with you. In such a situation, you often wonder, whether the two-wheeler insurance you hold will cover you in the other state or not.

The answer is that a two-wheeler insurance policy covers you nationally. So, even if you originally bought the policy in one state, it’ll still cover you in all the other states. However, the only difference may be in the premium that you may have to pay. The premium amount at the time of renewal may differ a little bit from state to state. However, the difference will be minimal.

In such a case, when you shift residence, you’re required to re-register your vehicle with the RTO of that region by submitting various important documents. Along with that, it is advisable that you also look into your two-wheeler insurance details. You may renew the same plan again or if you’re not satisfied with the current plan, then you may buy a new plan from a different insurer.

Another situation where many of you may be perplexed whether the insurance policy will cover you in another state or not is when you may face any sudden contingency in another state. It may be that you’ve travelled to a different state for work purpose or otherwise, and you meet with an accident for instance.

In such a case too, the insurance policy that you have for your two-wheeler will cover you against the various contingencies as mentioned in the plan.

So, one insurance policy covers your two-wheeler all over the country, no matter which state you may be in. Therefore, it is important that you buy one wisely, after looking into all the important details.

Research well before buying a two-wheeler insurance for your vehicle, so that you get the best deal. Get a quick online two wheeler insurance quote from Bharti AXA GI and speak to our expert now!

Remember, no matter which state of the country you may be in, two-wheeler insurance has your back!

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