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Helpful Tips To Choose The Best Mediclaim Policy For Senior Citizens


Illness never comes with two weeks’ notice, and bad times are just a phase. But the last thing you need is getting stuck with hospital and medical bills and not being able to provide adequate care to your loved ones, especially if they are in the golden years of their lives.

This is a prevailing problem among senior citizens. Living on a pension is tough. As they age, they need greater care and comfort. But what if your happiness is jeopardised by a sudden affliction? Therefore, mediclaims have become the need of the hour.

Mediclaims are essentially health insurance, that takes care of all your expenditures in the coverage bounds. Mediclaims come in packages, and every package is suited to the specific need of the beneficiary. So, choosing the right and best mediclaim policy is important.

Your parents might not be benefitted fully with the insurance plan that covers you. It gets a lot tougher to choose a plan for a senior citizen because of their diverse needs, proneness to ailments and their inability to go through the complex procedures. Hence, the insurance you choose must provide good coverage, should provide at least cashless treatment in a nearby hospital and must have hassle-free procedures.

Here Are A Few Tips You Can Follow While Choosing a Mediclaim For Your Parents or Yourself.

Check for Cashless Treatment:

Cashless treatment is catching up like wildfire., Everyone wants cashless treatment at all possible hospitals. Cashless treatment is basically a benefit that you can avail of, at any hospital which is affiliated with your insurance agency’s network. It allows you to have complete or partial free treatment upon providing your mediclaim documents.

What a conventional mediclaim will do is to reimburse you after you pay the colossal hospital bill. As most of the senior citizens are retired, they might not have cash ready for treatments instantly. Nevertheless, cashless treatment is a nice facility to have. It might come in handy in your time of need.

Know the Medical History of The Beneficiary(s):

In India, most of the medical insurance for senior citizens do not cover diseases you already have at the time of signing the insurance, or something you might contract in the next 30 days. Therefore, it is important to read the scheme related documents along with the applicable fine print of terms and condition very carefully.

It is also essential to do a full medical check-up before availing any mediclaim. A full check-up that highlights any underlying diseases can help you to decide on the right policy depending on your medical requirements and financial standing. For example, if you are above 65 years of age, you should get a medical check-up done simply because old age slows down your immune system and your bodies will be more prone to illnesses than you can barely think of.

Compare Plans:

Choosing any insurance blindly on the word of others is a foolish thing to do. As their requirements are different, so is yours. In addition to that, extra care must be taken while choosing a health plan for senior citizens. You can search for mediclaims online and compare them based on the fixed income amount, financial status, number of dependents, the health of dependents, etc.

Just like a wise man once said, “age is just a number” staying young at heart is the key. Don’t let any disease bring you down and be safe with a health insurance plan that will save the day for you.

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