आपके बैंक खाते से कटे 1 लाख़ रूपये! ऐसे बचे Online Fraud से

Online Fraud Cases: Online transactions are making our day-to-day transactions. Most of the citizens are using online payment modes including UPI, QR codes, internet banking, etc. According to the reports UPI is attracting the eyes of the world due to the high number of engagement in online transactions through UPI. However, while online transactions are helping citizens to pay daily life transactions, it is not fraud-free. Many users report online payment fraud daily. So today we will discuss with you some common scams that are frauding with online transactions. So you should also know about these online scams and it will help you to be safe from these frauds.

Online Payment Fraud Cases: Identity theft online transaction fraud

Identity theft fraud is a crime in which someone steals another person’s personal information and uses it to commit fraud or other crimes. This can include opening new credit card accounts, taking out loans, or even filing taxes in the victim’s name. Identity theft fraud can have a devastating impact on victims, both financially and emotionally. These scammers usually steal the data of the user from unauthorized websites and mobile applications, so you should not provide your details on unauthorized apps and websites it will prevent you from becoming a victim of Identity theft fraud.

आपके बैंक खाते से कटे 1 लाख़ रूपये ऐसे बचे Online Fraud से

Online fraud of Phishing attack 

Online Payment Fraud Cases: Most online transaction scammers use this method to trap their targeted users to spit out their personal information of the users. These scammers contact the users through email, messages or voice calls. They may introduce themselves to any official person from any authorized bank or authority where you are receiving services. These criminals will ask you to verify your account details by providing your details including policy number ( if you are an insurance holder), date of birth, mobile number, etc, They have an organized chain to trap the users as they will again contact you for your further information. These scammers will not ask for all the information at one time but will contact the users during one or two days gaps regularly for further verification and will finally be able to use your details to cheat you.

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Fake delivery OTP Scam 2024

This is a very technical method of fraud with the user as the scammer will break the security chain of the E-Commerce company and will no about your details including banking information, mobile details, credit card details, etc. These criminals use the OTP system to fraud users as they get information about your online banking and once you place an order, they will send OTP on your registered mobile number on behalf of a specific company. However, customers usually do not identify The difference between real and fake OTP so they provide their OTP number and after that, these cheaters will Finish their bank account within a few minutes.

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Online UPI Fraud Scam

Upi is a very easy way to do online transactions in India as it is authorized by the government of India and most of the online translation companies are providing upi facilities. But scammers are using fake upi id’s and tricks to trap upi holders and after that, they steal the amount of the user from their bank account within a few minutes. It is a very fundamental rule for upi users not share their upi pin with anyone on any mobile application or website. But in case of Miss information some of the users share their upi id’s with upi pin on their unauthorized platform so this scammer can easily use this information to trap the victims and it may be very dangerous for any individual who is using upi on any authorized platform.

Fake products Scam

There are many messages circulated on social media platforms to purchase any item at a very low cost which is lower than the market rate. But in reality, these websites do not sell any product but ask the customer to enter their banking details to provide these products at the lowest rates. Once anyone provides their banking details on these websites, they can access your banking information and can transfer the money easily.