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How To Plan For Trip To U.S.A.


When you think of a holiday to the U.S.A., you immediately imagine towering skyscrapers, vast national parks, stunning beaches, redwood forests and glamorous urban outings. However, if not planned well in advance and in detail, it can turn out to be an overwhelming experience. From securing to a visa to booking transport, all of this can be daunting. Therefore, here’s a quick 3-step guide on how to plan for your trip to the U.S.A. so that you’re well prepared and have a fantastic vacation.


  • Step #1: Preparing Your Itinerary

This is easily the most challenging part of the plan and you should get started on this at least 4 months ahead of your travel dates. Since it can take several weeks to tour both, the East and West coasts, decide on a route basis three factors – time, budget, and your personal preferences. Since U.S.A. is a vast country, it is pretty much impossible to cover all the popular locations in one trip.

For instance, it doesn’t matter if Hollywood and Las Vegas are popular recommendations; if you would rather spend your precious time and money appreciating the beauty of Grand Canyon and Big Sur, then skip the former options in favour of these natural attractions. Once you decide on the itinerary, you will also be able to make bookings and therefore, be eligible to apply for a tourist visa.


  • Step #2. Applying For Your Tourist Visa

The most important step in planning your trip to the U.S.A. includes applying for a tourist visa. Unlike many other countries, the process of application for the U.S.A. visa is a little complex. Hence, it is recommended that you begin your application process at least 3 months in advance.

Make sure you take help from friends and family members who have secured an American visa in the past. You may also want to consider hiring an agent who can help you with the humungous amount of paperwork involved as well as in preparing for the personal interview.


  • Step #3. Booking Flights and Accommodation

Airfares vary depending on your flight connectivity. If you are keen on saving money, then go for connecting flights than direct ones.  Also, airfares differ quite a bit depending on the airport you fly out of and in to. So, if your itinerary allows, book a flight to and from one of the low-on-traffic airports in the U.S.A.

Lastly, when it comes to accommodation, don’t just settle for the cheapest option. Instead, spend some time learning about free breakfast, shuttle service options, and distances to all the places you want to visit to arrive at an overall profitable decision.

Now that you have some insights on planning a trip to the U.S.A., make sure you plan well in advance, spend enough time researching about your preferred destinations, as well as offers, travel insurance for USA and other ways to save on your trip costs. After all, every penny you save can be spent on newer experiences on your holiday such as visiting top beaches in the U.S.A.

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