Get A Personal Loan of Rupees 96000: केवल 5 मिनट में, बिना बैंक स्टेटमेंट/वेतन पर्ची के लोन, केवल 2 स्टेप्स में Urgent लोन

Personal Loan of Rupees 96000 Without Bank Statement/Salary Slip: Sometimes due to any personal emergency, we face financial crises. In that condition either we ask for help from our relatives or our friends. But sometimes we don’t get funds from both of these sources. In that case, we look for a bank for a personal loan. But many times, the bank denied our loan request because of a lack of credit score and a bank statement. Here in this article, we will tell you how to get a Personal Loan of Rupees 96000 without submitting your bank statement.

Personal loan is a highly demanded loan in India but it is provided after checking all the documents of the applicants which also includes the bank statements of the applicants. They may often receive negative reactions from individuals who are not active in bank-related transactions due to the history of bank details in personal loan applications. But you can apply for a Personal Loan of Rupees 96000 from many companies even without providing bank details. If you too are not getting approval from the bank or financial company due to not providing the bank statement, then you can see the information given in this article, where you can learn how to get a Personal Loan of Rupees 96000. Or ‘Personal Loan Without Bank Statement’. We will discuss with you the Personal Loan of Rupees 96000 eligibility criteria, the application process, and other important details of applying for a personal loan without a bank statement.

How to get a Personal Loan of Rupees 96000 without a bank statement just in 5 minutes?

A Bank statement is very useful for a salaried person as it is a direct representation of regular salary receipt in the bank account and can be shown as an income statement to any bank or company. However, citizens who do not receive salaries in their bank accounts and businessmen who are not able to maintain their bank accounts for transactions face struggles in maintaining bank details. Due to digitalization and internet facilities, many financial companies are providing online personal loans to their customers.

This company is registered with RBI under NBFC. That’s why these are trustworthy companies, where you can apply for personal loans. Apart from the online facility of personal loans, financial companies are attracting new customers with special offers like paperless documents, 0 document personal loans, KYC-based personal loans, personal loans without bank statements, etc. Therefore, you can apply for your loan in these companies.

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Features of the Personal Loan of Rupees 96000

There is no doubt that a bank statement is a very important document that provides various information related to various banking activities but a large number of citizens are not able to maintain bank statements so these new financial companies are convenient for these customers.

  • You can avail of personal loan online mode by providing your Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account details, and mobile number information for KYC purposes. After this, they will provide you with the loan immediately.
  • Companies are providing paperless documents, where you have to scan your documents using your mobile phone and upload them online.
  • The best advantage of a personal loan is that you can apply for a personal loan anywhere and anytime using your mobile phone, without the need to visit any branch.
  • The amount of personal loan through online mode will vary according to the customer. If you are applying for the first time then you can get a loan of a small amount i.e. Rs 1000, but if you are regularly connected to the mobile application of the loan provider then you can get a loan of up to Rs 100,000. it’s possible
  • Meaning, you should pay attention to the interest rates offered by these companies because many of these companies are charging high interest rates ranging between 36% to 40%. So if you are applying for a personal loan in this company, you should be mentally prepared that you may have to repay an additional amount over and above your principal amount.

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Personal Loan of Rupees 96000 Eligibility

  • Any citizen in India can apply for a personal loan after completing the age of 21 years.
  • If you have a good income source, it will be a positive thing for you and you can get a discount on your interest rate by proving your income.
  • The applicant must include important documents, which should include an Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Address Certificate, Bank Account Details, etc.
  • Applicant needs a smartphone which must have internet connectivity.

How to apply for a Personal Loan of Rupees 96000?

We are listing down the top companies that are providing you with online loan facilities without providing bank details. But you should check the details of these companies yourself and from their official portal before applying.

Branch – Applicants can get loan amounts between Rs 1000 to Rs 50000 in online mode through this mobile application.

Smart Coin – Funds up to Rs 1 lakh can be requested from the Smart Coin mobile application.

Paytm – Paytm is used by most Indian citizens, and you should know that Paytm also provides personal loans to its customers, so you can apply as per your needs.

Credit B – Most people are using this mobile application so that they can get a loan of up to Rs three lakh by just providing their Aadhar card and PAN card details.