BOB Digital Personal Loan 2024: सबसे आसानी से मिलने वाला लोन, लाखों का लोन चुटकियों में अप्लाई & अप्रूव [Loan Just in Click]

BOB Digital Personal Loan: Bank of Baroda instant personal loan is very beneficial for those who want to get a personal loan without visiting the branch as the bank provides the loan online mode in steps. It may be any emergency including medical expenditure, educational purposes, attending any marriage or function, or home renovation for any other type of need, but a personal loan can be asked for multiple purposes so you can check the latest features of BOB Digital Personal Loan in this article. You can check the BOB Digital Personal Loan eligibility criteria and important document list which should be uploaded online mode after that you can apply online for a BOB personal loan online 2024.

BOB Digital Personal Loan facilities of Bank of Baroda are helping their customers as they can apply for a loan amount of 50000 to a maximum of 10 lakh rupees through online mode. There are limitations for customers to apply manually by visiting the bank as the Bank closes on holidays and weekends. Apart from this the working time duration of the bank is also short. But now customers can apply for personal loans from their homes by using their smartphone in Bank of Baroda through the Bank of Baroda digital personal loan scheme. As it is an online procedure you do need not to submit any document physically to the branch.

Features of BOB Personal Loan 2024

  • Applicants will get the opportunity to pay loan amounts from 12 months to 60 months according to their facilities.
  • You can apply for a maximum of 10 lakh through online mode in Bank of Baroda
  • The interest rates start from 12.40% and the bank will charge up to. 17.75% according to the eligibility and condition of the customer.
  • Apart from the interest rates you have to also pay 2% processing fees we should be between 1000 rupees to 10000 rupees maximum.
  • The stamp paper charges and GST fees will be charged according to the payment which will you receive in your bank account as a loan.

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BOB Digital Personal Loan Eligibility criteria 

  • Only Indian citizens are invited by the Bank of Baroda for BOB digital personal loan 2024
  • Applicant should have already a bank account in the Bank of Baroda before applying for the personal loan.
  • The age of the application is 21 years to 58 years for salaried persons and if you are employed then you will get a loan up to the age of 65.
  • The employee person should be engaged with the same company for at least 1 year
  • Any self-employed person who is going to apply for a BOB personal loan then he should have at least 1 year of experience in his business.
  • Do not be a Bank defaulter
  • Should not have already loan from the Bank of Baroda or any other bank

Important document list for BOB Digital Personal Loan Eligibility

The bank will not ask you to submit documents physically by visiting the branch but you have to provide information on the documents which are provided in the following list at the time of applying online:

  • Valid mobile number
  • The Aadhar card of the applicant
  • The PAN card of the applicant and Aadhar and PAN should be linked with the mobile number which is linked to Bank of Baroda. 
  • Digital bank statement of Bank of Baroda from at least 6 months
  • If you are an employee then you should provide the last 2 years’ income tax return or TDS 
  • Self-employed have to provide the last 2 months’ GST return proof and income tax return
  • The application should have a proper smartphone with good internet connectivity and a web camera which will be used at the time of KYC to capture the real time image.

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Online application procedure for Bob digital personal loan 

If you have the above documents and want to get a personal loan from the Bank of Baroda then you can follow the step-by-step procedure which are providing in this article to apply online without any mistakes:

  • Visit the official website of Bank of Baroda personal loan by clicking on this link. 
  • You will reach the dashboard where you can read terms and conditions and other important eligibility criteria on the website after that click on the proceed link
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  • Now you will be redirected to a new have to provide your mobile number which is linked with Bank of Baroda where we will receive OTP verification 
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  • Now your information automatically appears on the dashboard according to the bank’s data and you have to select the loan amount that you want to get
  • Now select the EMI procedure to repay the loan amount and click on the submit link after uploading all the documents

The bank will soon provide the loan amount to the bank account of the beneficiary after approving the application of the customer.