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Exploring Food Culture Of New Zealand


One of the most exciting things about traveling to a new country is to experience the local culture and food plays an important role in helping us understand and appreciate different cultures around the world.


If you are planning a trip to New Zealand and plan to try out some authentic Kiwi delicacies, here`s a bit about the food culture you need to know.


New Zealand has a vast coast line, nearly 15000 kms long, which is home to some of the best sea food you can find around the world. The varied terrain also provides New Zealanders with options of meats. The food here is strongly influenced by both, the Maori culture as well as the European culture.


Here are some authentic dishes which you must definitely try on your trip to New Zealand




This traditional Maori dish dates back almost 2000 years. Various cuts of meats and vegetables are slowly roasted in an underground oven fire for a day. However nowadays Hangi is saved for special occasions only. You can find this traditional dish at local restaurants and cafes around the country.


Fish and Chips


A delicacy around the world, Fish & chips is a popular food in New Zealand too. Freshly caught fish is coated with batter and fried, served along with French fries or squid rings and tartare sauce. This is a perfect snack to enjoy while sitting on the beach or while you are on the go.




New Zealand`s most renowned dessert- Pavlova is a meringue type dessert made with egg whites, cream and sugar topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits- Kiwi and berries. This is a Christmas classic for every New Zealander and every household will have their own recipe for their pavlova.


Roast Lamb


New Zealand is famous for its lamb meat around the world. A traditional New Zealand lamb is traditionally flavoured with thyme and rosemary with steamed vegetables on the side along with a red wine jus. You will find this dish on almost every restaurant you visit.


The NZ Pies


Unlike the English pies, pies in New Zealand are not filled with sweet stuffing. They are savoury. Pies are filled with minced meat and cheese or sea food or fish. These pies are easily available anywhere across New Zealand. It is affordable, quick and an ideal snack while you are on the go


Hokey Pokey Ice cream


Ice cream is enjoyed all over the world, however the Hokey Pokey ice cream is native to New Zealand. Vanilla flavoured ice cream with honey and caramel toffee bits is one of the most popular dessert of New Zealand. You will find it at any local ice cream parlour or supermarket around the country.


Green Lipped Mussels


A true New Zealand delicacy, the green lipped Mussels are indigenous to New Zealand. You can find it on the menus of restaurants across the country but you should definitely try them fresh served in some fishing villages or towns. A pot of steaming hot mussels is definitely a must try in New Zealand.



So whether you like sweet or savoury food, sea food or meat. New Zealand has you covered with their wide variety of foods. On your trip to New Zealand, make sure you explore the food culture and nightlife of the country but before you travel, do not forget to apply for your visa well in advance and take travel insurance for any unforeseen mishaps on your holiday.


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